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You can get your tickets for this unique international event from the 15th of January 2018.

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  • Thursday 17th May 2018


    The first possibility to arrive at the campsite

  • Friday 18th May 2018


    Arriving of most of the participants


    Build your camp en meet up with (old friends and make new friends


    Later in the afternoon the first great activity will take place.

  • Saturday 19th May 2018

  • Sunday 20th May 2018

  • Monday 21st May 2018

This is the official website of the international Land Rover Festival due to the 30th anniversary of the Land Rover Club Holland.

The Festival will take place from friday 18th untill monday 21st of May 2018.

Location: Havelte | Drente NL

Every volunteer of the club is busy at this moment to ensure a fantastic event. The 30YRS Festival offers a great party to everyone. All the Land Rover fans (from XS to XXXXL) can have a pleasant time during the whole weekend. As the preparations are on full speed now, we can give you a sneak preview already of some items.

There will be a special campsite erected just for the participants of this Festival. It will take place at a site where you never can go camping again, ever! You are able to drive all the offroad events at one of the biggest military sites of the Netherlands, owned by the Ministery of Defence. There will be allroad driving of course and a trial competition also. For our small Land Rover fans (your kids) will be enough to explore during the whole weekend! What else can you wish?

f you where’nt here, you’ve missed the biggest Land Rover event at the continent of 2018! So save the date and come back here to find out the latest news.

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On October 17th 1988 the club has been erected in Amsterdam. First known as the Land and Range Rover Club, later on renamed to the Land Rover Club Holland, short LRCH.

At this time in 2017, the club counts more than 2.600 members who will receive the full colour clubmagazine every 2 month and ervery month an exciting event to join.

An offroad day or an allroad drive; or maybe you will join the trial competition, there is for every member something to choose in our agenda.

Goal of the LRCH is to give owners of a Land Rover (all models are welcome) and also people who not yet own a Land Rover but has the Green Oval in their hearts, as much as possible let experience the famous 4x4 on the planet.

At the 30YRS anniversary weekend it will certainly happen!


After the last anniversaries took plake in the provences of Gelderland (15 years), Zeeland (20 years) and Brabant (25 years), now is the time to travel to Drente.

We’ve already been there during wintertime with the LRCH Bikkelweekend, a kind of extreme adventure. This all takes place at the terrain of the Ministry of Defence in Havelte!

The terrainis big enough to find every corner and will guarantee a great offroad Land Rover weekend! The area around the place gives us a huge oppotunity for allroad driving.


The Basecamp is in Eursinge, a little place wthiin 10 minutes drive from the offroad location. Here we build the 30YRS Festival and the big party with campfire.

Also, as we managed at the 25yrs anni, there will be toilets, showers etc.

Further information and details are coming up the next months.